Are you itching to give your car a brand new look? Changing the paint of your car might just be the perfect solution you are looking for. There’s no doubt that by doing so, an old ride could become good as new. A flame that has been withered may even spark back to life.

When changing the color of your car, it will definitely undergo extensive procedures that may cost a lot. To avoid this huge expense, you can opt to do it yourself. It does not guarantee that you’ll get a new paint job for free; but you can reduce the amount of money that you’ll be spending.

This article lists down a few facts that you’ll need to know before you race your baby down to the auto shop. You should prepare yourself because a wave of information is about to arrive.

Here are the important factors that you will need to consider when altering your car paint:

#1: Car repainting can turn out to be costly.

If you have plans to change the color of your car paint, one of the crucial things that you need to know is that the whole process can turn out to be quite costly. Of course, this is unless you’re looking forward to using a cheap or low-quality material.

However, if you require a high-end result, you should be ready to spend quite a hefty amount.

CostFreak has quoted car prices as flexible due to different levels of expense. You would have the basic paint job which could cost around $350 up to $900 while the standard one would be around $1,000 – $5,000. Having the job done by professionals which produce showroom-quality finishes usually costs $6,000 up to $20,000.

For those who desire an excellent outcome that will certainly last for many years, there’s no shortcut. You must be willing to spend extra. Just take your ride to a company or car painter that will give you value for money.

#2: Car repainting can be time-consuming.

Your new mode of getting to work or school? Take the bus. This is due to the immense work involved in a complete car repaint job. Rather than hours, the entire process takes days.

This is another fact that you have to grapple with as car repainting takes an awful lot of time and effort. There are companies who brag about finishing the work within 2-4 weeks but a perfect paint job takes up to a couple of months to finish.

#3: Car repainting demands thorough preparation.

Achieving an exquisite paint job follows a couple of preparations such as eliminating the old car paint. If your car has imperfections such as dents, they need to be sealed and smoothed out first. Prep time basically removes the flaws to avoid any damage the to the new application and this certainly takes a lot of time.

The guy handling the job will first remove the clear coat and wax. Once done, he will then proceed to scuff up your car’s old painted surface before he shoots the ride with a top-notch primer. In some instances, the painter will utilize 2 – 3 coats of primer in order to make sure that the old color doesn’t bleed through to the brand new paint.

Clearly, the whole process of car repainting is a vigorous one and as such, it needs adequate preparation.

#4: Car repainting calls for the removal of everything.

To change your car’s color entirely, those handling the work must take out everything from the car.

For instance, they must remove the engine, console, dash, seats, and other pieces of trim so that the car can be painted completely. This is one of the major reasons as to why a reputable shop charges more to paint a car with a brand new color.

The cheaper car paint shops normally omit this highly important step. They just paint your car with everything intact. Obviously, you’ll end up with an unsatisfying result.

In Summary …

Giving your automobile a complete makeover is a decision you will have to thoroughly think over. Apart from the sizable investment, you would need to consider the other aspects of your daily activity that will be affected by the absence of your car.

Deciding that it is time to give your car a new face will definitely be a challenging but somewhat exciting part of your life (for the many times that you will do so) and the knowledge of these facts can come in handy especially when you are working around a budget.