So a car rear-ended me causing me to be sandwiched between him and the car in front of me…my first auto collision and of course I am reluctant to go with the insurance’s recommended auto repair shop. Deluxe Auto Body is family-owned, and though their shop is modest, they went FAR beyond my expectations. I was heartbroken to see Frankie (my Subaru) all banged up, so of course, I was doubtful they could do much. I was gratefully proven wrong!! After two weeks in their shop (which may I add they accommodated me since I already had travel plans before the accident happened). After two weeks, my Subaru looked spotless, I mean it looked AMAZING!! I can argue it looked brand new, possibly even better than when I purchased it and drove it off the dealership lot. Also accompanied with a fresh wash!!

Thomas and his crew works wonders!! His son, Chris, works the phone and is very polite and thorough answering any questions you may have. Best part was the adjuster and Deluxe worked together so I didn’t have any issues with payment (think it helped I was NOT at fault). I even came back, where I saw a spot they had missed and Thomas had me schedule to come in and fix it right away at no extra cost. AND they dropped me off at home and picked me up when it was ready (BROWNIE POINTS!!) They open at 730 Monday-Friday!! When I came to pick up my car the second time, his wife handed me my keys.

Support local business and come to Thomas and his crew at Deluxe Auto Body for any of your collision repair needs. They are genuine, professional, and very hardworking people. I will recommend them to all my friends from now on and whoever else asks me.. thank you guys again, you really did a wonderful job!!

See the pictures and judge for yourself..