It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle we will be working on, our customers always get the superb services.

Top notch work A+ job! I heard by referral they not only do repairs from fender benders but also do classic restorations. My 1995 Z28 Camaro is not exactly a classic but it needed a total freshening up after 16 years of normal use, bad luck ( tree branch fell on the hood), and vandalism ( keyed and shot at with BB gun). I requested a repaint of the original black but with silver heritage stripes on the hood, roof panel, rear hatch and spoiler. Other shops may promise quicker turn around times but I must say, It’s all in the prep work BEFORE any paint is actually applied. The prep work is what made the end result A+. I highly recommend this shop for anyone looking to repair a fender bender to a gearhead wanting to restore an old classic. My Z28 Camaro looks so bitchin I feel like I can’t quit staring at it! Thanks guys!