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We're not good at words and a lot of things we cannot do. But this is what we're capable of.
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Since 2005, Deluxe Auto Body has been building a solid reputation in the San Diego and surrounding area for high quality, thorough repairs on most import and domestic vehicles. We know that getting a car repaired can be a real hassle, that’s why we make a concerted effort to make your experience as hassle-free as possible. We use the highest quality parts, materials, and equipment available, and employ technicians and a management team that takes pride in their skill and workmanship.

Yelp review: “My first auto collision”

So a car rear-ended me causing me to be sandwiched between him and the car in front of me…my first auto collision and of course I am reluctant to go with the insurance’s recommended auto repair shop. Deluxe Auto Body is family-owned, and though their shop is modest, they went FAR beyond my…


Did you know that your windshield is a primary structural support for the roof of your car? It’s true. The windshield is estimated to support up to 70% of the roof strength in a rollover! Have you ever tried to squeeze a raw egg until it breaks in your hand? It is almost…

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